This years annual dinner and wine auction was an amazing success. There are no words to describe the gratitude that we feel for everyone’s hard work and participation so we will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Below was the flyer…


Help us open eyes, inspire minds,
and enlighten hearts!

We are excited about this year’s unique medical camp and Rainbow House support trip. Last year with your help we were able to treat over 4200 patients in three days. Make no mistake that we saved and changed lives and for that I am truly grateful to all of you. This year we have planned something unique to accommodate our patients that are unable to travel the many days necessary to reach the camp. It is difficult to believe that most of these people are in such remote locations that only dirt bikes and there own two feet are their mode of transportation. Add to that a person with chronic foot problems, asthma, or diabetes that is not being treated and you have someone that would never be able to seek medical attention. So this year our team will be trekking thru the middle of the Himalayas to bring treatment to them. With your support we will be able to utilize Sherpa’s and volunteers to carry all of the supplies and gear to 3 different locations.

The good news is that although we will still have a tremendous impact, the very remote region limits how many volunteers we can bring and therefore significantly reduces our cost. As in previous years Debbie and I are committed to raise the funds for this fantastic event and would greatly appreciate your attendance at this small dinner.

This year we choose to celebrate and share thru a special wine dinner next Saturday September 24th at 7PM at Antenellos. As always we will be opening some amazing wines as well as auctioning off some large format bottles. We hope you are able to attend and if unable will find in in your hearts to help us with this great event.

Wine Auction

Thanks to generous donations from the Stout, Nordhoff, and Cuha cellars we will be auctioning off a selection of special large format bottles.If you have something special that you are looking for or would like to donate something to this great cause please let us know.This will be a great way for you to purchase some amazing wine all while making a real difference