Stephanie Waisler

Founder of Unatti Foundation

The concept of the Unatti Foundation came to Stephanie after traveling through Kathmandu in January, 1998. She was at the city gates of Bakhtapur, Nepal, working on a photographic book about underprivileged street children in third world regions. A group of small boys, ages 8 to 14, were sitting on the side of the road, hoping to befriend tourists so they could make a few rupees for their hungry families.
Two boys named Rajesh and Ramu, dressed in soiled clothes, approached her to be her city guides. In a typical Western fashion, she shooed them away. Still, they politely followed her around the city, several feet behind her, offering tidbits of information. At the end of the day, she gave them a few rupees and figured she’d never see them again. The next day they were right there. “We knew you’d be back,” Rajesh said. Then, staring at her feet, he remarked, “Two days, two shoes.” He noticed she owned more than one pair of shoes, a rare thing in poverty-stricken Nepal.
She and the boys became fast friends. When Rajesh preferred a dictionary over a gift of money, she decided to sponsor the two friends so they could attend a private school and receive a decent education. Five short years later, the board of directors, other donors and she have created the Unatti Foundation in honor of a young orphan girl who touched her heart.
The Unatti Foundations aim is to continue expanding as funds become available. Your support can help a child receive food, clothing, medicine, education and hope for a better future.