Aaron & Debbie Cuha

Over the past 20 years, Aaron and Debbie Cuha have traveled to many underdeveloped countries and observed a tragically avoidable situation- Poverty. They were disturbed by the realization that the quality of life, health, education, and stability we all take for granted is not available to impoverished and destitute individuals, families, and communities around the world. The Cuha’s immediately discovered an overwhelming and compelling need to help and consequently, founded the Center for Global Change in 2006.
Aaron and Debbie felt obligated to share their passion and committed their time and resources to raise awareness and aid for those less fortunate. Their goal being to eradicate this deplorable situation and enable the orphans to develop or regain their dignity, pride, confidence and will to lead a productive life. Their focus being to provide the fundamental needs of deserving children so they may one day become productive influential members of their communities in the hopes they create a better life for future generations.

 Matt Cottrell & Pilar Lastra

 A life-long friend of C4GC founders Aaron and Debbie Cuha, Matt first accompanied them on a medical outreach in Nepal in 2009. He instantly fell in love with the country and her people. He has participated many of our medical and dental camps since then including several trips back to Nepal and has been a part of C4GC’s fund raising and supply procurement efforts. Additionally, the Cottrell family has been a part of the dental and medical manufacturing industry for more than three decades and has been very helpful as we pursue supplies and donations for our outreach activities. Matt’s embodies the values of C4GC and believes in wholeheartedly that the “The most selfish thing in life that one can do, is to give selflessly”.
Matt holds a BS from Arizona State University.
Pilar Lastra is a successful serial entrepreneur, actress, model and author. . . not to mention one of Playboy’s most striking Playmates, only the second to grace People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People. You may be familiar with her effortless suitcase-carrying skills on NBC’s smash hit DEAL OR NO DEAL. With two new books in the works, an online automotive show and year around fantasy sport expert, Pilar continues to stay busy in the entertainment industry.
Much more than a pretty face in a bikini, Pilar’s entrepreneurial roots run deep. In middle school, she and her sister began importing Mexican candy during family trips South of the Border, and quickly grew from a two-schoolgirl operation to managing a team of five within three months. More recently, Pilar has been investing in real estate for over ten years. She also owns Rockin’ Buddha (her own clothing and accessory line), The Herbal Kitchen (an all-natural body care product line), and co-owns XSP (online sports betting). In 2014, she had a successful exit from her coffee cart business.
No stranger to the food, beverage and hospitality industry, Pilar worked her way up from food runner to eventually managing nightclubs. She has also worked with the Hanover Company where she understood how to successfully scout the location to build, lease and later sell luxury apartment homes.