Windell & Karen Stout

In today’s world charity for some it is just a reason to throw a party. There are those who call themselves philanthropists, who simply write a check, have a couple drinks and never truly give thought to those in need.
However there are those who go above and beyond and help those in need face to face. They are not just being generous with a check book but with their time, knowledge, and hearts. Windell and Karen Stout are two of the latter in the most wonderful way.
Together they run California Sunset Escrow, they are successful entrepreneurs, with an amazing family. Windell and Karen have two wonderful children, Danielle and Seth, which may explain why they have such big hearts for helping children in need.
Windell is the current President of the philanthropic group I’Padrini d’Antonello and is an active member of the board of directors for Canyon Acres Children and Family Services. Windell has spear-headed numerous fund-raising efforts to help fund and support children’s organizations throughout Orange County and beyond.  I’Padrini’s  “Evening under the Stars” event has been a successful fundraiser for Canyon Acres and is now in its fourth year.  Windell’s passion for helping others in need led him to be active with several organizations including but certainly not limited to, I’Padrini d’Antonello, Canyon Acres, and  CHP 11-99 Foundation, a charitable organization that provides benefits and scholarships to California Highway Patrol family members. Windell and Karen are also actively involved in their local church.
In the establishment of the Center for Global Change we would be hard pressed to find anyone who has contributed more than Windell and Karen Stout. They have supported and encouraged our organization in every conceivable way. Their constant effort to help those in needs inspires us to do true lasting good in the world.
Windell and Karen, we thank you for your inspiration and constant support.